Doeke van Nuil

Doeke van Nuil is an illustrator, printmaker, graphic designer and sometimes editor working under the name of Studio Doeke. He likes to convert thoughts to images and uses humor, colors and strong characters to do so.

Hi, where do you live, where are you from?

I've recently moved to Utrecht with my girlfriend! During my study I've lived in Zwolle, but originally I'm from in between the cows and forests of Appelscha (Friesland).

How does this place influence you as an artist?

Wherever I am, I'm always inspired by what's happening around me. I'm influenced the most by the surroundings of my youth: I like to work from a feeling of childlike freedom. Also, I like to go back to the forest to just wander around and bring back a certain feeling that I like to portrait in my work.

What are your finest moments?

After a good breakfast, a cup of coffee and with a good idea in my mind is when I do my best work. These are moments that I know what I want to create, but also have enough space to experiment and work freely. Besides that I like doing editorial work: the constant surprise of the subject combined with the quick deadlines give me a pleasant rush.

And your worst?

On days without inspiration I can really knock around without producing anything valuable. Luckily I now know that these days are part of the trade and are ideal moments to do some other chores or to take a break.

What is your point of focus in your work at the moment?

I'm always working multiple projects at the same time: I always want to learn more and perfect my techniques. That's why in my own work I research what it is I can do and with editorial work I looks for ways to connect the subject to my way of thinking. At the moment I'm working on a comic because I want to learn more about graphic novels. I'm always challenging myself to create a good mix between my personal work and my commercial work. I want to connect to people, but always in my own way.

How do you think people will know you in ten years time?

I'm always busy making comics, illustrations, products: all under the name of Studio Doeke. In ten years time I hope it will be a well-known name and have a nice combination of awesome assignments and my own work.

Final question, what do we really not know about you yet?

I bake pancakes like no other.



Bachelor of Design, Illustratie
Artez, Zwolle Art academy

2010 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelone, Escola Massana (Erasmus Minor)


VPRO gids
De Correspondent
Boekie Boekie
Anorak Magazine


Daily Poetry, Eindhoven
Comso Galeria, Barcelona, Spanje
Katoen, Amsterdam
Fish & Chips, Antwerpen, Belgie
Koko, Amsterdam
Gallery Walls, Amsterdam

Doeke van Nuil