Jelmer Konjo

Jelmer Konjo is an Illustration student at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Weirdly enough, he works solely on an iPad to create his artworks. And the result is so awesome New Chique Gallery just had to work with him.
Don’t think he is purely a digital kid though, we haven’t yet seen Jelmer without some spraycan paint on his clothes.

Hi, where do you live, where are you from?

I'm living in Rotterdam and I grew up in small place next to Hoogvliet.

How does this place influence you as an artist?

It has shaped me as a child and teenager so it has a big influence on how I look at things.
The multi cultural society still surprises me.

What are you focusing on in your work right now?

I mostly make work about things that I see everyday, things that annoy me or surprise me and try to mix some humour into that.

When are your finest moments?

Swimming as a little child, because it felt like total freedom without any problems.

How do you start working on a new artwork?

With a small sketch on paper, then I switch over to my iPad (!).

How do you think people will know you in ten years time?

As the guy that made a career of drawings from his iPad.

Finally, what do we really not know about you yet?

That I almost lost all my fingers as a child in the blender while making orange juice for my dad.

Jelmer Konjo