Levi Jacobs

Levi Jacobs is a Rotterdam based artist and famous for his kinda weird guys and the kinda sexy lady figures in the illustrations he creates. Already being a part of New Chique Agency we just had to ask him to join the gallery ranks. His prolific skills with risograph and screen printing make it possible for Levi to transfer his fantastic figures and forms from mind to paper.

Hi Levi, where do you live / where are you from?

Hi, I've been living in Rotterdam for almost three years now, I think. Before that I used to live in Breda because I studied at the St. Joost art academy there. However, originally I'm from Limburg, all the way to the south of the country, from a small village surrounded by a giant chemical plant.

How do these places influence you as an artist?

I think if you grow up in a place so little, you'll have to get creative. But I also kind of always knew I wanted to get away, I always had this urge to explore and see other places. I like living in Rotterdam right now, it's way more interesting than Breda and I think I can live here for a while. But, I'll also always be a bit restless.

What's your favorite piece of (design) furniture?

I think the Ikea Expedit. I got it from my former roommate so it has some sentimental value. But it's also ideal to use as a record table, it even has some fancy led lights.

What are your finest moments?

When I don't have anything important to do and I can lock myself in my home. This is when I try to work on some personal project where it's no problem to lose myself in the ongoing distractions.

And your worst?

Whenever I have to get up early.

What are you focussing on in your work right now?

Focus is always an issue in my work and life. It's something precious because I know I don't have a lot of is. So when I'm in a focused zone I try to work as fast and efficient as possible, because I know it could be over in no time. The rest of the time I can worry about all my insecurities in the whole creative process.

How do you think people will know you in ten years time?

If people do know me in ten years time then there probably are more advanced technologies and even more impersonal was to know each other then nowadays. I never have to leave the house anymore by then.

Final question, what do we really not know about you yet?

That I have this morning ritual eating breakfast while watching a full length movie.

Levi Jacobs