Nick Liefhebber

Nick Liefhebber is the best of both worlds: both his artistic talent as his commercial talent can be used with, through and alongside each other to create his iconic, strong style. His skills in riso printing have been used to the maximum to create his series made especially for New Chique Gallery.

Hi, where do you live, where are you from?

I live in Utrecht and was born in Vught.

How does Utrecht influence you as an artist?

As far as I know it doesn't really. Of course I have my life, my friends and fellow artists here but this place itself is not my inspiration. I'm more inspired by experiences, people and other expressions such as music, film, different cultures and art.

What are your finest moments?

The moment I've come up with a new idea that works. Preferably in the early morning, I can focus the best at that time. When I'm really inspired I can shut myself away from everything and really produce a lot continuously.

And your worst?

When I spend a whole day trying to come up with something new without success. When that happens I'm distracted easier but can't focus on those things until I've solved the other 'problem'. Nothing is as frustrating to me as a creative block.

What are you focusing on in your work right now?

As for my own work, I've been experimenting a lot with analog technique, slowly more of my work is made by hand instead of in the computer. My illustrations and prints are the opposite of my design. My own screen- and risoprints are dreamy, tactile, analog and intuitive, my design is communicative, bold, clean(er) and large. Textures play a big role in my work, they form the second layer. So I'm looking for new ways to make textures, both figurative, abstract as organic (found or painted textures)

What is your favorite piece of (design) furniture?

I prefer organically collected interiors over design furniture.

And how do you start working on a new artwork?

I always have new ideas in my head, when I start working I know which direction I want to go but it always turns out different because I find new forms, colours, and solutions along the way.

How do you think people will know you in ten years time?

At the moment I'm making my money as a designer and I'm loving that. I'm actually curious myself where the emphasis will be placed in ten years time, do I make more autonomous work, do I have a design agency or am I still making the best of both worlds?



Academy of Arts, Utrecht.


Cima Financial Magazine, Coca-Cola Europe, Corona Extra Beer, DDDEU, European Genre Forum, Freshcotton, Gemeente Amsterdam, Festival Grasnapolsky, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU), Imagine Fantastic Film Festival, KRO, KUVVA, Kuyichi, Laracon, Loyalis, O'Neill, Paradiso Amsterdam, Soul Clap Records, The Pepin Press, New Republic magazine, Sony, Sparpweed, Target, Wolf + Lamb Records, Zwart Licht


October 2016 - Nacht van De Dakhaas - Ekko Utrecht
July 2016 - Filter Amsterdam
May 2016 - Lijfspreuk @ Concordia Enschede
April 2016 - Glassworks Amsterdam
April 2016 - Rabarber Utrecht
August 2015 - Culturelabel Bridgeman Images Collections
January 2015 - New Chique
January 2015 - Pecha Kucha Utrecht Talk
September 2014 - Into The Great Wide Open for Typhoon


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May 2016 - People of Print
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November 2015 - Good Idea #4
August 2015 - Choi's Gallery Magazine vol. 30 - Interview & publication
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December 2014 - Umlaut II - Expo & publication

Nick Liefhebber