Thomas Brouwer a.k.a. Trobbies likes to draw, both on paper and on people. With his dotwork style and thick lining he knows how to strongly convey his message. And these messages themselves can be strong too, as you can see with the four works he especially made for New Chique Gallery.

Hi Thomas, where do you live / where are you from?


I'm originally from Haarlem but for the past few years I've been living in The Hague.

How does this place influence you as an artist?

I had fairly big expectations of The Hague, but when I moved here I was quite disappointed. In my eyes there wasn't really that much happening and it was a bit boring. It wasn't until a while later that I started figuring out how this city and its people worked. Now, after I've finally made a few friends in these years, I see a lot of inspiring things happening around me. In The Hague there are lots of people in the creative field that really want to do something for this city, something I never saw in Haarlem and what's cool to experience.

What are your finest moments?

The moments when I run out of time. Most of the time I let my work pile up until it's really putting pressure on me. And when that pressure is really there I go into town, get drunk and experience even more pressure the day after. That's when I'm socially the worst but creatively at my best.

And your worst?

Whenever I feel good and confident. I tend to think too easily of certain situations and that's when I start making the wrong decisions. It's a kind of self-confidence that makes me sloppy, I guess.

How do you start working on a new illustration, tattoo or artwork?

Firstly, I finish the other stuff, clean my desk and put everything in its place before I can start. As for the creative process I can only say it's different every time. I'm trying to get a grip onto this but I think it's what you call intuition.

How do you think people will know you in ten years time?

I really have no clue, I try to not look ahead further then maybe a few months. At the moment I'm trying to do as many cool projects with cool people as possible, this continuously brings me to other places. I'll give you a heads up in ten years time.