About us

New Chique Gallery is an online gallery that offers you the best artworks by a curated selection of Dutch artists.

We believe art should be available and affordable for everyone. Also, we want to help young and upcoming artists. Combining these two aspirations means we are able to sell awesome art for fair prices.

These upcoming talents, we are proud of working with, are: Aron Vellekoop Léon, Atelier Titi Friso Blankevoort, Jheryll Richardson, Jelmer Konjo, Jip Piet, Nasbami, Doeke van Nuil, Jenna Arts, Nick Liefhebber, Nik van Es, Lianne Nixon and TROBBIES.

We will always keep an eye out for new talent, focused on our mission to decorate your walls.

New Chique Gallery takes art seriously, without making it too difficult.

– We ship worldwide –

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